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UV Sun Strength Warning Detector Monitor

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UV Sun Strength Warning Detector Monitor
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Product Information

Reusable UV Sun Strength Warning Monitor Safety Detector - Protect and care for your skin against Sunburn. For Baby Child or Adult

  • Reusable Sunsafe UV Safety Card for Skin Care
  • Avoid Serious damage to your skin by too much Sun
  • Colour change displays the sun strength
  • Water Resistant and Hypo-allergenic. Use in conjuction with other suncare precautions
  • A small price to pay for sun safety and for those you care for
  • Also used as a Smart Materials learning resource

Reusable Sunsafe UV Safety Card for Skin Care - Avoid Serious damage to your skin by too much Sun. Ultra violet from the sun and its damaging effects are now an increasing concern for all. No one is more at risk than children. Even one serious sunburn experienced by a child can create the risk of skin cancer later in life, UV rays penetrate through cloud with just as much potential to burn skin. Expose the UV Safe meter to direct sunlight for 20 seconds, then compare the colour in the sun's centre with the meter bar to find the approximate Ultra Violet intensity. At higher altitudes or beside water, the effects of UV rays are much increased. Having a UV indicator is a good reminder to check Ultra Violet levels and is a sensible addition to any summer's day. Avoid all that discomfort and the dreaded 'C' word with a UV Safety warning card that helps you keep track of those potentially harmful rays. The UV Card is the size of a credit card and perfect for all those who tend to scurry under the shade whenever the sun gets too strong for them, which isnt a bad thing considering you have forgotten to put some sunblock/sun cream on.

The more scientifically minded who love taking details of their environment will find the UV card to come in handy as it will be able to indicate the current UV intensity within 20 seconds. Handy size! Plastic UV Card which is small enough to pop it into your top pocket - Great for Summer and when on holiday! There are two main types of skin cancer, malignant melanoma of the skin and non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC). Skin cancers are extremely common. In 2005 over 76,000 non-melanoma skin cancers (NMSC) were registered in the UK but registration is known to be incomplete. One study estimated that at least 100,000 cases of NMSC are diagnosed each year Information courtesy of Cancer Research UK
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