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Thermomochromic Ink Pack 15C Blue , 31C Black, Red 47C

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Thermomochromic Ink Pack 15C Blue , 31C Black, Red 47C
Student/Hobbyist/Printer Thermomochromic Inks Special price trial pack of 50 gram Blue 15ºC Slurry, 31ºC Black Slurry, Red 47ºC Slurry and 50 gram Paper/Board Binder and 50 gram Textile Binder
Stock Code: InkTrialPack
Price: R450.00

Product Information

Thermochromic inks react to changes in temperature by exhibiting a colour change. This trial pack comprises 3 x 50 gram bottles of 15ºC, 31ºC and 47ºC colour changing slurry and 1 x 50 gram screen binder and 1 x 50 gram textile binder.  When mixed, these produce a thermochromic ink that can be applied to many papers and boards, and by the addition of a different binder can also be applied to textiles.  The slurry and binder need to be mixed together in equal amounts, in order to create a finished ink.

Thermochromic inks are a darker colour when colder than their temperature activation point, and lighter in colour or virtually clear when warmer than the activation point. Chameleon® is a line of eye-catching temperature sensitive (thermochromic) finished inks, formulated using the latest printing ink techniques. The ink colour on a printed item disappears as the temperature rises above the response temperature of the thermochromic ink and then it reverses back to its original colour as the temperature is reduced again (below the response temperature). Chameleon® Inks available in several colours, can be featured in a variety of applications including high end promotional items, advertising, labels, packaging, security documents, textiles, toys, novelties ...................

The 31ºC slurry (is used for body touch/rub and reveal applications), 15ºC for chill and reveal applications and 47ºC for hot applications.

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