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My Wee Friend - Child Potty Training Aid - Car. Eco friendly

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My Wee Friend - Child Potty Training Aid - Car. Eco friendly
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Product Information

©My Wee Friend™ - Potty Training Made Easy

Stick In Potty And Watch The Face Smile When Child Uses The Potty

Before Use
Design: Car
Diameter: 7cms
  • Colour Changing Potty Training Aid - Eco friendly by using less nappies.
  • Place the black label at the bottom of the potty
  • When your child wee's into the potty a smiley face appears
  • They last for 12 weeks
  • You get easy potty training for less than 25p per week
  • Encourages Potty use

\"\"Did you know that the average child in the UK, can use 6500 Disposable nappies between birth and two and a half years, and that between 8 and 9 million nappies are used in the UK every day?
Did you know that disposable nappies make up around 4% of household waste and research suggests that it may take up to 500 years for a disposable nappy to completely decompose ?
So, if one child was potty trained using ©My Wee Friend™ just one week earlier than he/she would have been, that would be a saving of about one pack of nappies.

Now multiply that by all the potty training children in the UK!
What if they were all potty trained two weeks early.....

This is not a Toy, so store out of reach of children, in a cool dry place away from sunlight and direct heat sources.

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