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Baby Room Thermometer pack with Bath and Forehead Thermometers

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Baby Room Thermometer pack with Bath and Forehead Thermometers
Great Offer! Money Saving Pack of 3 of our best selling baby products! These normally sell at over £7 if bought separately!
Stock Code: TeddyBalloonPK
Price: R65.00

Product Information

1. Teddies with Balloons in the Park Baby Nursery Room thermometer
2. Duck Bath Thermometer
3. Baby Bears Forehead Thermometer
All together in one Pack

Safe - contains no mercury, no batteries required and no glass or moving parts to break

Personalised Baby Room Thermometers with your own child's name are now available.

Teddies and Balloons in the Park Nursery/Room Thermometer
Our best selling safety thermometer cards ensure that an infant's room is not dangerously too hot or uncomfortably too cold.

Although the cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is not known, the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID) recommends that a child sleep in room temperatures between 61F (16C) to 68F (20C) with 65F (18C) being just right.

Most adults find it difficult to judge room temperature and the FSID suggests the use of a simple room thermometer in rooms where your baby plays and sleeps and these will guide you. Research also shows that temperatures in living rooms were significantly higher than in bedrooms, so it’s important to bear this advice in mind whatever room you’re in.

Place this Teddies and Balloons Baby room thermometer on the wall near the baby's cot and you will always know if baby is sleeping in a room of the correct temperature.

Please note: Please make your choice at the time of the order.  If we don't hear from you at that time we will send the Baby Teddies.
Made from A6 350 gsm Character Express laminated.

Duck Bath Thermometer
Our Bath Safety Thermometer, is fast and reliable way to check for the correct temperature of baby's bath water.
Just place in the water for a few seconds and if the water is the correct temperature the duck thermometer card shows a tick at the ideal temperature, as shown in the image. The thermometer will also show when the water is too cold or too warm.

Please note:  The reading must be taken when held under the water for a few seconds and the water must come fully into contact with the thermometer strip.  A tick on a green background must appear.
The margin of safe/comfortable water temperature lies around 37C.

A bath thermometer is for guidance only and is not a substitute for parents' personally testing the water temperature before putting baby in the bath.

Baby Bears Forehead Thermometer
Our best selling Feverscan Baby Bear Forehead Medical Thermometer is fast and reliable way to check for changes in temperature.
Use it to monitor for temperature trends and for the first signs of fever. The Forehead Thermometer is a safe, simple and effective temperature guide.
As seen from the picture, it can be used whilst baby or toddler is asleep and with very little disturbance.

The forehead thermometer is in increments of 1C and comes with full instructions and a vinyl storage wallet. Size: 89mm x 19mm.

It is quality endorsed by the CE mark, a guarantee that the product meets the quality standard and meets all the appropriate provisions of the relevant legislation implementing certain European Directives.  The manufacturer also holds the ISO world standard certificate for their thermometers.

All our thermometers are made to ISO World Standards and Procedures and only the latest technology of Liquid Crystal is used.

* Makes a perfect all year round gift! *

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