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Baby Dinosaurs Nursery Room Thermometer

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Baby Dinosaurs Nursery Room Thermometer
Stock Code: DINF5
Price: R40.00

Product Information

Baby/Child Dinosaurs Nursery Safety Room Thermometer

Baby Dinosaurs Nursery Safety Room Thermometer for Baby, Child, or the Elderly. Use in Baby's Nursery or bedroom, or wherever the temperature of the room is important for health and safety.

Also available Personalised with your baby's name.

These safety thermometer cards ensure that an infant's room is not dangerously too hot or uncomfortably too cold.

Although the cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is not known.  The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID) recommends that a child sleep in room temperatures between 61F (16C) to 68F (20C) with 65F (18C) being just right.

Most adults find it difficult to judge room temperature and the FSID suggests the use of a simple room thermometer in rooms where your baby plays and sleeps. Research also shows that temperatures in living rooms were significantly higher than in bedrooms, so it’s important to bear this advice in mind whatever room you’re in.

Place this Baby Dinosaurs thermometer on the wall near the baby's cot and you will always know if baby is sleeping in a room of the correct temperature.

Our Dinosaurs Room Thermometer's are printed on A6 laminated Card for durability.

If green is not showing the reading will be between tan and blue.

* Makes a great all year round gift! *
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