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Summer Heat Room Thermometer

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Summer Heat Room Thermometer
Stock Code: SUMF26
Price: R45.00

Product Information

Summer Heat Nursery Safety Room Thermometer for the office, elderly or baby

We have specially commissioned from Good Life Innovations a new range of Room Thermometers for Summer Heat Advice and Tips on Keeping Cool. Also approved by the Energy Saving Trust®, to save energy and your carbon footprint . These attractive new safety thermometer cards also ensure that a room in your home or office is not dangerously too hot or uncomfortably too cold.
Use wherever the temperature of the room is important for health and safety, particularly the young and elderly and also where energy saving is important.

10 - 40C liquid crystal thermometer on 15cm x 21cm laminated Card for durability.
Place this room thermometer on the wall or where you need to check the temperature and you will always know. Ideal for all the family, including baby and the elderly, as dehydration is a risk if too hot and hypothermia if too cold. If green is not showing the reading will be between tan and blue.
The manufacturer holds the ISO 9001 world standard certificate for their thermometers.

* Makes a great all year round gift! *
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