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Gas Level Indicator & Meat sensors BBQ Pack

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Gas Level Indicator & Meat sensors BBQ Pack
Stock Code: GASR3
Price: R60.00

Product Information

BBQ Pack - Reusable Gas Level Indicator on Magnetic Backing  &  Cook-it SticksTM  - Meat Cooking Sensors/Probes

Our new stock of Bottle shaped gas level indicators are made in the USA from manufacturers who invented the Gas Level Indicator. With the latest liquid crystal technology.

You won't get caught short of gas again!


Cook-it SticksTM - Meat Cooking Sensors/Probes\"\"/ - An ideal partner for the BBQ!

Cook-It SticksTM  are ideal for Poultry, Pork, Beef, Steak, Lamb, Fish, Sausages and Burgers

'When it's RED it's ready'
These 3 unique and innovative Cook-It Sticks™ allow you to check that your food is properly cooked to temperatures that kill harmful bacteria.

1 x Beige sensor for Beef/Steak
1 x Yellow sensor for Poultry/Pork/Sausages/Pies
1 x Blue sensor for Fish.
Note: The Steak stick has a 3 stage sensor for Rare/Medium and well done (see images below).
Use with all conventional cooking methods, microwaves and barbeques.
You simply insert the special sensor tip into the cooking food and a vivid red colour change will show when the food is "done" and safe to eat.

All our thermometers are made to ISO World Standards and Procedures and only the latest technology of Liquid Crystal is used.

Some of our materials are even used by NASA on the Space Shuttle.

Another good idea from Colour Changing Products

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