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'Cook-it Sticks' Meat Cooking Sensor Probes

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'Cook-it Sticks' Meat Cooking Sensor Probes
Stock Code: 39CR6
Price: R40.00

Product Information

'Cook-it Sticks' Meat Cooking Sensor Probes

Check That Your Food Is Sufficiently Cooked - use again and again!
Don't worry about hard to read dials and readouts. 'When it's RED it's ready'
Amazing Reusable Poultry, Steak and Fish Cook-It Sticks™ meat sensor probes

'When it's RED it's ready'
These 3 unique and innovative Cook-It Sticks™ allow you to check that your food is properly cooked to temperatures that kill harmful bacteria.

3 Reusable Cook-It Sticks™
1 x Beige sensor for Beef/Steak
1 x Yellow sensor for Poultry/Pork/Sausages/Pies
 1x Blue sensor for Fish.

Use with all conventional cooking methods, microwaves and barbeques.
You simply insert the special sensor tip into the cooking food and a vivid red colour change will show when the food is "done" and safe to eat.
With the worry about food safety and salmonella these sensors are quick and very easy to use.  The Cook-It Sticks™ are great for the Barbecue. Can be used in all catering establishments, Schools, Hotels, Restaurants, Nursing Homes, or wherever stringent temperature stability is required at a glance, making it a must have for the family, or elderly and child safety, as there are no dials or numbers to read.  Also ideal for the 'non-cooks' among us as it is so simple to use! When it's RED it's ready'
You will love using it!
As an example - If cooking a whole chicken or turkey, during cooking, just insert the black tipped sensor between the breast and the leg and remove after a few seconds and very simply - When it's RED it's ready'
Or, continue to check at intervals with the same sensor until meat is done to you liking

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